Saturday, 27 September 2008

Welcome new cuckold husbands blog

Welcome to my new site. I have been so excited since realising my natural path in life as cuckoldress to my submissive cuckold husband. It has put a new lease of life into our relationship. As a cheating wife, this blog is pretty much a confessional and cathartic release for me. Both me and my cuckolded husband are fairly new to this lifestyle as a couple, but I have been cuckolding him for years, yeap, I was a clich├ęd cheating wife behind his back. I got up to some pretty scandalous exploits which I will tell you all about soon lol.

As a fully blown cuckoldress, it is now my mission to fuck the biggest cocks on the planet, and to fuck as many of them as possible! The best part though, is that I will make sure my cuckolded husband will hear all about it. So far, I haven’t had him watch me with my lovers, but this is a step we both want to explore very soon. The idea of making him my cuckolded cream pie clean up boy makes me wet!

But at the moment, my cuckolded husband hears ALL the juicy details of my big cock conquests. I make sure to give him a blow-by-blow account, just like I am going to give you.

I have lots of hot fucks lined up, and I will be adding them to my cuckolding blog. I also want to hear all about your cuckolding stories. Are you a cuckolded husband? Have you got a cheating wife? Tell this cuckoldress all about it, I might even post your story lol!

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