Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cuckoldress and big black cock

Taken from my cuckoldress blog
Cuckolding Wife

Me and my cuckold husband have been talking about the possibility of him watching me fuck two big black cocks. I love big black cocks, and I know my sissy husband does as well, though he does get rather embarrassed talking about it lol. To date, I have not let my cuckold husband watch me with my lovers, but I think the time is drawing near towards this next step. So far, it has just been a case of me coming home and telling him all the glorious details of cuckold stories in graphic detail.

I just love sucking on big black cock, there is something quite yummy about it. I remember my first black cock; I was intrigued because I heard all those rumours about black men having bigger cocks. Being the cuckoldress I am, I’m all about the big cock! Lol. Anyway, the first black cock that I had sticks in my mind, because it confirmed those rumours! It was the biggest cock I had ever had, about 12” no joke. Sucking on that hot rod whilst my cuckold husband was at home felt so dirty, and therefore hot. I picked this guy up in a bar, and few drinks later, I was on my knees in a dark alley outside of the bar sucking on the biggest monster cock ever! All my cuckoldress wet dreams were coming true.

He then lifted me onto his face, whilst my back was up against the wall, and licked my wanton clit with such ferocity I almost came right then and there. I told him about my cuckolded husband sitting at home, not knowing what I was getting up too, it was then that he lowered me down off of his face, and lifted my skirt up and stuck his finger right up inside my cuckolding cunt. It was at that point the asked me, (I’ll never forget it) “have you ever been a cuckolding wife with black cock before?”. To which I answered “no“. He then said “I know what a slut wife like you needs”. He then spun me around, spread my legs apart whilst he got on his knees and stuck his tongue in my ass, all the time rubbing my clit. Just as I was close to cumming, he stood up, spread my legs, and shoved that big black cock in my cuckolding pussy with no warning, the fucking size of it almost took my breath away! My pussy was so tight, but he just pushed me up against the wall and pounded my cuckolding pussy hard, all the time he kept saying, “what would your cuckold husband think of you if he could see you now?”. Or “bet your sissy husband hasn’t got a cock as big as mine”.

I could only manage grunt lots of ‘yes’ in between moans, my head was spinning into a another level of pleasure. But he knew what my trigger was, and him talking about my cuckold husband like that made me feel even more devious and horny - I like being a slut! Lol! He was pounding it hard, we were both close to cumming, then he said to me, “what would your cuckolded husband think if I fucked you in the ass with my big cock”. All I could say was “yes! Do it”.

That big fucking cock slipped in nice and slow, and with every movement I could feel my ass stretching around that hard monster wider and wider. As he was getting the last few inches in, he asked, “has your cuckold husband ever fucked your ass”. Which kind of grabbed my attention, as I would never allow my hubby to fuck my ass - the most he gets is the pleasure of licking it. Realising I was even more of a slut than I had imagined, and feeling rather good about that, I smiled and said “no”. With that he grabbed my ass, and fucked it HARD! And my word - that felt good. I’ve always had a sensitive ass, and feeling that shaft slam in and out of my tight asshole, was out of this world. His balls slapping up against me made me shudder with pleasure. So much so, I came real quick… and with that, the first man ever to cum in my ass, shot a truck load of cum up my cuckolding ass, in a dark alley, whilst my cuckolded husband was at home wondering what I was up to hee hee

It was only recently I told my cuckold husband about that story, and he has been rather fixated in it since hee hee. His tiny little sissy cock get all excited whenever I mention it. So, I’m thinking that a 3sum with me and two big black cocks, whilst I make him watch would be a rather special experience for his first time watching me cuckold him, and making him an official cuckolded husband.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Welcome new cuckold husbands blog

Welcome to my new site. I have been so excited since realising my natural path in life as cuckoldress to my submissive cuckold husband. It has put a new lease of life into our relationship. As a cheating wife, this blog is pretty much a confessional and cathartic release for me. Both me and my cuckolded husband are fairly new to this lifestyle as a couple, but I have been cuckolding him for years, yeap, I was a clichéd cheating wife behind his back. I got up to some pretty scandalous exploits which I will tell you all about soon lol.

As a fully blown cuckoldress, it is now my mission to fuck the biggest cocks on the planet, and to fuck as many of them as possible! The best part though, is that I will make sure my cuckolded husband will hear all about it. So far, I haven’t had him watch me with my lovers, but this is a step we both want to explore very soon. The idea of making him my cuckolded cream pie clean up boy makes me wet!

But at the moment, my cuckolded husband hears ALL the juicy details of my big cock conquests. I make sure to give him a blow-by-blow account, just like I am going to give you.

I have lots of hot fucks lined up, and I will be adding them to my cuckolding blog. I also want to hear all about your cuckolding stories. Are you a cuckolded husband? Have you got a cheating wife? Tell this cuckoldress all about it, I might even post your story lol!